Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

On this holiday of rampant doorbell ringing and candy being freely given out, I reflect.
Never mind that I am in the dark , with no lights on , inside or outside for that matter. I do not want anyone brave enough to wander down our private road to ring the bell and send the dogs into a barking frenzy. ( And I have no candy. )
But I remember times when we would have a fire going in the fire-pit placed right on the sidewalk leading up our front porch. And I would have hot apple cider ready for parents.
The costumes today are so much more sophisticated than when I made them for Breanne and Mitchell, I am glad I do not have to be extra creative anymore!
I recall going out one year with Ryan (whom I am "Nanny"to) and his dad Bob. Shellie stayed home to hand out candy so I got to share "Rhino's" day.When I walked Ryan up the steps to the home, I did not see a step. Yeah, you know where this is going.
I tripped, fell forward , hard on my knees. My jeans tore through to my tights ( it was cold, not a fashion statement) and there was copious amounts of blood. I swear I tore straight thru to the muscle.
Little Ryan is shocked Nanny just bit the big one and the conversation with Bob goes like this:
" You ok?" ....
"Yeah, I think so..."
"then get up, your embarassing me"
Some things we will never forget. This was one of those .

No wonder I am holed up in my home with the lights off.
Tonight my daughter is a pirate and my son is a priest at their parties.....but they will not have to worry about me embarrassing them.

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