Friday, October 30, 2009


Today is Breanne's 27th birthday! Happy Birthday my girl!

Just the other day she took great pleasure in knowing that she had a "safe"word and Mitchell was never given one.
"That makes up for him having the race car bed" she says.
So I told that to Mitch and his response was :"what the heck is a safe word?"
"You know, a word that someone can say to you if we are not there and they come to get you, you know it's ok to go with them"
All the while she was smirking knowing she was more special than he was.........( sorry Mitch, I don't know why I never gave you one!)

Today is your day Breanne! Even tho I always say "Happy GAVE Birth day to me". Since I have never gotten a gift on this day ( with the exception of you, of course, gag) I guess I am ready to relinquish the whole day to you~
If I would have won the lottery, I would have gotten you:
that gorgeous Coach handbag we saw at the outlet ( retail :$1000.00, sale $498.00),
that horse and carriage iron structure we saw in Spokane for your wedding
and an unlimited gift card from the GAP
But, alas, I did not. So you don't.
What you Do get is a fun night with 20 friends at B.J's ( who names a restaurant THAT, seriously !?!) tonight, yay!
And maybe your dad will do his "no bending legs" dance for you, if he has one too many alcoholic beverages. WHAT?!?
This time next year you will be married and you and Johnny will take ME to Vegas for my Happy Gave Birthday.
Yeah, that sounds right.
Happy, Happy Birthday to you my darling daughter!
( Cause "ho-bag" just wouldn't seem right on such a public space............)

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