Thursday, October 29, 2009


So before I left the house today, I had to do some creative furniture re-arranging so that Mannny could get around, but the dogs couldn't. Ever since the debacle last week, I dread coming home. I find myself making one last loop through the Lakewood Towne Center, just in case I need to go get something. Anything to not come home and find doggy accidents ( or not so accidents, I'm on to you J.J.) and then have to bust out the "power of pine -sol baby". So I drag a big ottoman up against wedding central ( formally known as the den) door, go around the other way, enter thru my bathroom and put a chair up against the ottoman. Go back around and shut the den door and block IT with another chair. Should take care of things.
Fast forward to me coming home to find the wedding central door wide open, Manny on the ottoman, (which is up against the fireplace) and the bathroom door open! Which of course, leads to the cat food! Which, is ,sadly, all gone. Dog gone it! Rocky is right beside me and J.J. is nowhere to be seen. The good news is, no accidents. Of course not, he had all the "cat food you could eat buffet" at his damn disposal! I know he is the guilty one because he will not make eye contact with me. Kind of a game now....I look at him, he looks away. Repeat as necessary.
I need the dog whisperer to pay me a visit..anyone have any connections?

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