Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My lovely daughter Breanne, is getting married next September and we couldn't be more thrilled!
And that means that I get to put my craft/designer side into overdrive and go! Which is exactly what I have been doing. (And loving every minute of it. )
I am buying as I go along, whenever something catches my eye. I am like a crow. I see pretty things that sparkle and have potential and BAM! I get them. My goal is to pack it into bins now so when the time comes, we roll the bins onto the reception area and, voila! Instant wedding decorations~ Well, not so instant.....
Last night I hand applied crystals to dangle from some black wrought iron chandeliers that I bought on Got them done and now I am moving onto the next project.
I am sure my family thinks I am out of control but I assure you all, I am not.
Just driven. Yeah, that's a nicer word.
Alright, off I go to Target......let's see what I can find tonight!

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