Friday, November 6, 2009

Assembly time!

Yesterday morning, as Michael left the house for New york for 4 days, I decided to be productive.
Wait , um, more productive.
Sunday I was inspired to paint a wall ( 24 x 16) a different color. So off to Lowes I went. Decided to change the Blackberry wall into a butter wall. I tell you, Valspar Signature One coat is exactly that.
Michael did the highest parts ( the man cannot cut a line in to save his life, love ya babe) while I did the rest. When "they" say it helps to have a quality brush, they're not kidding. I hate to tape off so I just take my time and cut it all in by hand. Anyway, it's all done and I have moved on!
I bought this kitchen island because, well, you've all seen my boxcar kitchen. I found one at Crate and Barrel, 500 and 100 to ship. Problem is, they are out of stock until the end of November.
And when Baruka wants it, she wants it NOW daddddy. (willie wonka fans anyone?) So I went online and found something identical to C&B's and got it for 369, free shipping. Hot damn. It's soo mine!
It came wednesday and I put it together yesterday. I got up at 6:30 a.m. and laid out all the parts so I could get a feel for it. Like I told a friend, I could kiss the man who invented the hex key, aka allen wrench , on the mouth! I also needed my cordless screwdriver but the allen wrench did a lot of work. I finished it and then I moved on to organizing my kitchen. It's all about illusion folks. So if it looks neat and tidy, then it must be, right? This island gave me two doors with shelves, and four drawers. Hot damn! Does this excite me? Your damn straight it does!
So now with the holidays coming up and all the things that are taking place at my home in the next 8 weeks, I am p-r-e-p-a-r-e-d! I am woman, hear me roar!
Ok, so maybe I need to get out more....(do not point that out to me, only I am allowed to do this)
What's next? I am kinda stopping myself from going and buying a canvas and painting something for the holidays . I do this every year. Maybe I should stop.
Nah..........I'll just give the old ones to Goodwill........
I have no idea why every October, I get this way. All I want to do is Create. Assemble. Display.
Kinda like crack for me.
Out of my way everyone, I have to go to Michael's Craft store~

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