Sunday, November 8, 2009

A night from Hell...............

Still recovering from yesterday, the night from Hell.
All day long today I couldn't seem to shake what happened and I was totally content to "check out" mentally.
So me and Manny just watched TLC until Michael came home...
Last night, I fed the dogs around 4....was starting to go into the house and then the dog down the street did his thing. Sage is his name. The most aggressive and mean golden retriever I have ever seen. And I used to own a golden, I know the breed.
Sage proceeded to charge my front wrought iron gates and throw himself against it like he always does and whips my dogs into a frenzy. This is tough to even talk about now.....
My mini aussie, JJ stuck his nose/mouth through the wrought iron and somehow, someway,
got his open mouth stuck in the scrollwork of the gate. So imagine the screaming and snarling and snapping as Sage is attacking JJ from the other side, while Rocky (my aust cattle dog) is going balistic. I start screaming at Sage and his owner Mark. No , Mark was not there. I was just so upset.
I tried like mad to get JJ's mouth untangled. He was screaming and blood was pouring everywhere and I could not get his mouth untangeled for the life of me. What the hell do I do?!?!
Breanne had just left 10 minutes before so I called her back in a panic to come help me!
When I ran back outside to try to untangle JJ again, Mark was at the gate. Thank God.
He yells at me to go get some gloves and then we both work at JJ. Mark suggested we rotate JJ 180 degrees to the left. Oh my gosh, he grabbed his head and mouth and I held his body and it worked! We got him loose and then, JJ went into a seizure. Shit.
Mark brought him inside the house because all the time this was happening, it was pouring down rain and we were all soaking wet. Mark proceeded to look into JJ's mouth to assess the damage ( he's a RN) and I was still frantic. He left after apologizing profusely.
I had to wait about an hour until JJ's seizure abided and then I took him to the Emergency Vet clinic. He was in shock by now. They gave him valium to try to control his blood pressure for fear of him having a heart attack. The damage was torn tissue under his tongue with a puncture wound from the iron. Also a bitten foot and broken nails and broken teeth. We left the clinic around 8 pm.
I panicked so badly. I am fine with people. People can listen to reason and react to words.
While JJ was embedded there with blood pouring out and screaming his head off, I was a goner.
Of course, he would not succumb to the Valium without a fight and he did not sleep until about 11 last night. Then he woke every hour whimpering. And with those hours, I found myself going over every detail of that attack. Problem is, this is the third time Sage has caused my dogs enough damage to go to the vet.
JJ seems good today. A little slow, mouth is swollen and sore but following me and never leaving my side. Poor little man. Michael came home and had to watch me burst into tears as I relayed the incident to him. I didn't realize it affected me like it did until I realized I could not function today.
Anyone know any hit men out there specializing in dogs?

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