Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I am feeling a little like the very people I have no tolerance for.
Whiny.....yeah, I said it, whiny.
I need a day where I can just whine. Complain with no repercussions and or comments from anyone. But unfortunately, I cannot do.that. For fear someone would read this and think it was about them.
So to all of you, this is not about you.

Does no one respect and understand the meaning of the word : "responsible" anymore?
Do people think things happen "out of the blue", all on their own?
How do they get by on a day to day basis? I especially love the ones who complain because they feel the limelight is being stolen from them and then,
when you give them the ball, they drop it.
And someone (like someone who writes a blog) steps in to cover their tracks and, tah dah! It's all good again. I have never been one to want all the glory but, sometimes, dog gone it, it should be mine! Or ours!
When you accept a responsibility, follow it through all the way to the end and then, put your signature on it!!!!!
I believe if we have to sign everything we do, then maybe we would think a little harder about how we do it. Can I get an Amen?
Ok, I think I am done venting.
Maybe a good workout at the gym will make me so tired I can't think anymore.
Tomorrow's another day...gosh I hope I am not as irritable as today......

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