Monday, October 17, 2011

Craft Time! Goodwill Time!

Today was another "work" day!
 I made more jewelry for my Open House and decided to make a project that I am going to share with you! I needed a caddy for all my jewelry supplies. Something in layers so I could reach and grab with ease. But I wanted it to look vintage, not something new.
I saw this on Pinterest and decided I was going to make it!
I went to my local Goodwill store in search of supplies.
I went up and down the housewares aisles, looking for those pieces that would "talk" to me.
Off I went to the "wooden" aisle. In search of candlesticks. I found two..for 2.00 each.
In the cart they went.
Next stop: baking aisle. I was actually looking for cake pans, the older and beat up, the better.
What I found instead, were these two wonderful metal trays from England! One was a rose pattern in pinks and the other was in blue tones. They looked vintage, so I turned them over and discovered they were made in England in 1970! Price? 1.99 each! Sold!
Back to the wooden aisle to find a base. I found one for 1 dollar.
So I took them all home and painted the candlesticks and the wooden base. When they were dry, I adhered them all together with an industrial adhesive. No hot glue!
   I actually had a cute plate I was looking to do something with and went and put it on top with a glass finial.
 And this is the result!
Total cost : 9 dollars for materials and I used paint I already had.
Realistically with the paint and glue, and additional plate and finial  probably around 15 dollars.
Have I inspired you to make your own?

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