Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ahhh, Fall......

I often forget just how much I love Fall.
Maybe that's because I am clinging to the little sun we may have been blessed with, here in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and all you naysayers out there , don't be negating what I say, you KNOW we barely get any sun here~
So it goes without saying that I cling to the last sunny days we have.
Until Fall tiptoes towards me. Then I realize, it's not so bad. Heck, it's kinda nice.
The signs Fall is upon you?

1.Webs everywhere. Which means spiders EVERYWHERE. And I always seem to walk smack dab into a web. Then the "get- it-offame" dance begins. Know which one I'm talking about? Where you're all grossed out because you just got a heckofa sticky web filiment on your person and you're CERTAIN the spider MUST be clinging to you as well? Yeah, that one.

2. Leaves are abandoning those beautiful green trees....and congregating in your driveway. All at once. Almost like walking through snow. Almost.

3. State Fair time! Never mind that I don't go anymore. Not that I don't want to. Just that no one will go with/or take me. I promise not to buy more than 3 bags of cotton candy and no more than 2 corndogs. Really. Unless you loose me. Then all bets are off.

4. The weather could be horrible in the morning. Cold, wet, and or both. You dress in boots and sweaters.  Only to have to peel them all off by noon. Because the sun is trying to take hold for just a little while longer. And it knows you dressed warmly.
 What? Oh yeah, like YOU don't have a cape?

So, as I sit here , with the doors flung open,I so enjoy the sun while I still can.
 But without a doubt, when 5 o'clock rolls around, the sun will start to disappear and that warm air will turn chilly. In about, 5 minutes.
And that is when I will be in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on some home made dressing for salads, stirring the soup and getting the blankets unrolled from their baskets ,for their designated spots on the couches.
 Getting all cozy.
 Because I realize, I really DO love Fall.
And the Boots. And the Sweaters. 

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