Friday, April 1, 2011

happy rat race anniversary!

My sister in law was so kind as to remind me of an adventure we had going to Hawaii on this day a few years back.
Strap yourselves down, this one was ego damaging.
For me, of course.
For the first time ever, my brother and his family went on vacation with the Shelleys.
It started there.
In the airport to be exact.
Some of the memories are fuzzy now but one in particular stands above and beyond.
I recall being held up to make our connecting flight to Hawaii from LA. We got held up ( all 9 of us) at security, with the lines being a kajillion people long and , alas, we were all coach travelers. If we were first class, we would have slid right thru! (Another reason to fly first class!)
As we made it through security, we had precious little time to make the flight. Doors were being closed and we sent Emily ( my niece) and Breanne on ahead to work their charm and magic on the gate attendants! We were all running. I should mention that.
I should also mention that I do not travel if I do not look cute. Period.
So, yes, I had on heels. Kitten heels to be exact and yes, they were comfy.
To run in even!Quit judging me!
So, we are all running and I am lugging behind me, one carry on suitcase. Michael is in front of me and he also has a carry on. All I remember is we were running so fast and I was just trying to keep up with the family so as not to cause undue embarrasment for being the hold up.
Oh, I wish that were only the case.
In our stride, I must have caught up to Michael because I got so close to him, and at that point, ( here it comes), I tripped.
I tripped into his butt.
Yes, his hiney.
And to make it worse, we stayed like that....him running, my head on his butt while precariously balancing myself and my luggage, for about, oh, 5 seconds.
Which felt like one hour. With someone in the background yelling: " oooohhhhhhhhhhhh nnnooooooooo".
You getting the slo mo now??
Then it happened.
I fell away from his hiney and fell down.
To my horror, I bounced right back up IMMEDIATELY.
My reputation was at stake here people!
Then Emily's boyfriend , while looking at me and still running, made a comment about how fast I bounced right back up and it was amazing!
Thus, the "weebles' wobble but they don't fall down" comment was born.
For the rest of the trip.
Hold on, I am not done.
They allowed us on the plane. Never mind the dirty looks on the passengers faces who had to wait for us.
Get over it people.
We had to get to Hawaii!
When we were in the air, I choose to use the lavatory.
Partially to check on my owies from falling and party, well, never mind.
Of course, there was a line.
With a gentleman in front of me. Who turns towards me , looks at me and then says:
" don't I know you?"
"Uhm, no ,I don't believe so" was my response.
" Oh yes I do! Your that woman who fell at the airport!!!!!"
(SERIOUSLY??? He really just said that out loud?!?!)
He then told me he saw it all and was amazed that I got up "SO fast"!
~"That's what I hear".
Times like that, I almost wish I had no bladder control.

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