Friday, January 15, 2010

Working Woman

I don't know how Cindy does it. All I know is she makes me look bad.
And that makes me grouchy. Ya hear that Cindy? But for right now I am gonna chalk it up to her being younger and having more stamina .
Back to work I went last week and what a week it was.
Two gargantuan displays for Loreal and Maybelline had to be done on the first day.
I was overwhelmed, exasperatted and dazed. And that was all in the first 10 minutes.
I don't remember it being that difficult a year ago.
We put in some hella hours to get the job done, but we did it!
Never mind I was jello when I got home.
If it wasn't for Cindy being my boss, I might possibly have quit.
Don't get me wrong, I love doing a job well. And I love getting it done.
But I don't love the 20 foot displays, all backwards and having to be reversed according to the planogram. And then reverse it again on the actual wall. I realize this does not make sense to any of you, but don't feel bad, it didn't make sense to me either!
This just makes me realize how vunerable I am to circumstances and I hate that.
The saving grace is we are almost done with MalMart. Thank you Jesus.
And if your reading this Cindy, do not get cocky.
If I were younger and thinner , I could run laps around you.
If I wanted to.
Which I probably wouldn't.
So your safe.
See you on Monday.
P.S. THIS is when I could use a cupcake~

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