Thursday, October 11, 2012


Blimey, I may have gone off the bloomin edge.
It's no secret that I adore PBS's "Downton Abbey"~ and that I was holding off watching the last seasons closer episode.
Because the season opener begins in January.
Unless you live in England. Because, THEN, it began two weeks ago.
What the heck? Why the delay for the United states? It can't possibly be for the lack of technology.
And then, I found it.
I was arse over elbow ( head over heels) when I was reading from fans that there are websites you can watch  the episodes on now! Bob's your uncle! ( hurrah!)
Which brings me to my problem.
I was forced ( and by forced, I mean giddy) to watch the season ender , then the next two episodes currently. All in one sitting. So I charged my glasses ( got a drink), found a wing back chair, my smoking jacket (?) and luxuriated.
And so now, I talk like this.
With a British accent. And if I could pull it off like a pro, I would talk like this awwwwl the time.
I would.
Just know that, if you were around me long enough, I could probably get you to talk the same.
Don't doubt it for a tic.

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