Monday, June 20, 2011

Time to Re-Direct Myself~

When I was in the grocery store today, I found myself gravitating towards the magazines.
Oooh look, a new Bridal magazine!
Oh, wait, the wedding is over! I don't need a new Bridal magazine for ideas anymore.
But I miss it! There's something about searching, hunting and foraging for new ideas that I love~go figure.
So I stared at the travel magazines until I decided they didn't hold my interest. Is that a new color scheme for summer weddings I see over there?
Stop it! No! No more Bridal magazines Colleen!
My brain obviously doesn't understand. The need for color, shape, design and layout is a force stronger than myself.
I only see a remedy via a lottery ticket. Then I can go back and buy that travel magazine.

Yes, the wedding is over. And it was fan-tab-u-lous.
Not a glitch, not a melt down, not a tense moment to be found anywhere. I did however, find people asking me how I felt.?
Did I look tense? Cause I was sooo not tense. It was going so smooth and easy, there was no way I COULD be tense.
Altho, THAT made me a tad bit tense. "how you doing Mom?" directed at me several times a day was , well, puzzling.
My team of fantastic helpers drop kicked the decorating in an hour and a half!
Michael: " so, why did you need us to be here so early anyway?"....
Uhm, "cause I had no idea things would run so dang smooth, hello!!"
I was so comfy I could have spent the night there! Let's face it, the cozy chairs, the left over cakes that Cortney baked, the bar not closed yet. Yeah, sleep over time.
I did find it amusing that I saw quite a few take home containers of cake going home with guests! See Cort, you are the bomb!!!
I actually still have people talking about the cakes~ which in turn, makes me want one.
Ever had a cake so soft and filled with flavor that you wanted to be alone? Well, these made THAT dream pale in comparison! Not kidding. Not even a little.
The bride and groom were stunning, the photographer amazing and the guests had so much fun!
What more could I ask for?

What's that you say? You're planning a wedding?
I know just the website you need to look at.
And the magazines.
Give me a call.

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