Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogs. blogs everywhere!

I'd like to think that I am capable of an entertaining thought now and again.
Yeah, no.
I am soooo not worthy.
While I had a " I am down, leave me alone, I did not sleep well or feel good " day this week, I discovered there are so many amazingly funny, humorous ( I know, I just repeated myself, but it needs to be repeated), entertaining blogs out there, I feel so inadequate!
Just on Facebook alone, I have discovered three this week that left me with tears from laughing. I mean, where do these women come from? They all must be related to me in some way, shape or form because they talk just like I do! And I know this because those of us who have a sarcastic inflection in their voice, recognize said characteristics in others 100 miles away. These people can turn a catastrophe into a chuckling moment in a heartbeat.
I have never done that to any of you, have I?
I'm thinking if I did, it must have been tears of boredom compared to ho, I mean how these women write. ( Freudian slip there)
I think if any of you have ever laughed, it's because I make you feel so much better about YOUR lives that you can't help but to laugh in relief~
I just read about some woman's neighborhood being invaded by a sexual predator and I was laughing! I swear! It's true! Laughing~ Now, THAT'S talent.
So it is with great remorse that I apologize to all of you ( all four, but I thank you none the less) that read my blogs.
I promise to try to step it up a bit. I may have to embellish to keep up , hope you don't mind.
Oh man, the pressure is on now.

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